Kingdom Hearts 2020 TRAILER REACTION!!


Kingdom Hearts Union X is ending, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is almost here, the Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack is coming out in the Fall and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is REAL and it’s a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3! Here’s my reaction!

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Kingdom Hearts DARK ROAD Characters REVEALED!

Last night, the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account dropped the names of the 4 brand new keyblade wielders that will serve as characters in the story of Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort.

The new mobile game will tell the story of how Young Xehanort became evil. How are these 4 new characters tied into that story? What do their names mean? Check out my thoughts in this video!

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My Love Letter to Star Wars Battlefront 2

“Goodbye Old Friend and May the Force Be With You.”

After the latest “Battle of Scarif” update, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is no longer receiving support. After a few days of contemplation and Jedi meditation, I’ve decided to open my heart up and say goodbye to the unlikely superstar game. Here is my love letter to Battlefront 2.

As Obi-Wan says, “Goodbye Old Friend, and May the Force Be With You.”

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Ending Explained! (SPOILERS)

The ending to Final Fantasy VII Remake is divisive among fans for straying from the plot of the individual game. But, was this game ever meant to be a scaled up replica for 1997’s Final Fantasy VII or something greater?

Here are my thoughts on the crazy ending to Final Fantasy VII Remake and what it means for the series moving forward!

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Double Feature: Me beating Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND’s Hardest Bosses!

Video 1, YOZORA:

After 62 Rekt’s yesterday, I managed to defeat Yozora, Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND’s Secret Boss, in just one try today!

This is Standard Difficulty. Lvl 99 with Ultima Weapon. Like I said, I died 62 times. I’ll try and beat him on Critical or with restrictions at a later date!

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Video 2, Data Master Xehanort:

Old Goat Man earns a slapping from Sora in Kingdom Hearts III’s ReMIND DLC Limit Cut Data Organization XIII battles!

Standard Mode. Level 99 with Ultima Weapon, Oathkeeper and Kingdom Key.

I MADE SEA SALT ICE CREAM! Taste Test and Review!

SSTrio (1)

Before Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:MIND drops and blows our minds, I decided to finally create Sea Salt Ice Cream for my own because I’ve never had any.

I wanted to feel like Axel, Roxas and Xion after a long 358 days working for the Organization. So, here’s my taste test of Sea Salt Ice Cream! Special thanks to Binging With Babish for the Recipe.

Here’s a link to his original video:…

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